We’re nearing the end of a long winter pandemic-induced hunker-down in Blind Bay, BC, where we’ve managed to squeeze in some hikes, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing most weekends. Now we’re preparing for another spell of not-so-aimless nomadicism as we seek out new digs in greener pastures.

Heather has been hitting her homeschooling stride after 2 years (and counting) of figuring it out on the fly, on the road and around the town, (and then reconfiguring it within the narrow confines of our semi-permanent home(s)). Somewhere between that and WT she makes a little time for new paintings and videos and the occasional burst of writing (soon to be posted on &land).

Stefan joined Greaterthan as an associate this past December and has been co-facilitating Liberating Structures Studio, and co-designing and co-facilitating other courses too!

We’ve just started a “microsociology of group process research and playtesting group” with a broad spectrum of practitioners (teacher types, creative types, academic types, business types…all types).

And after two years of deliberative process, we are soon to launch INCOMMON professional services cooperative along with four other co-founders: Stephen Irving (Stephen Irving Comms.), Michael Despotovic (Apples & Oranges Analytics and Marketing), Katherine Krampol (Orange Pulp Projects), and Michael Fraser (Emergent Fundraising, formerly Grantcrafty). INCOMMON is a mutual aid network in Cascadia whose purpose is to provide a collaborative network that “supports members to expand capacity and sustain and grow their practices—to help others well-positioned to make an impact, and to lift up those who have big purpose but little resources.” We’re pretty excited about it and can’t wait to see what it grows into.

Oh, and we also finally changed our web domain to from! (the old one was confusing, y’know?)