We’re now living in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, having been here for the past year, and where we’ll be until June before moving to Europe for a few months. While in Edmonton we’ve been taking advantage of everything that this prairie city has to offer. This city is kind of like Canada’s Portland, Oregon, but a more run down and less hip version: lots of possibilities, but also pretty rough around the edges! Edmonton gets quite cold from November through February, but the city really embraces it: there’s a ton of infrastructure in place for winter sports that we like to do – cross country ski trails, skating rinks and trails, ski and snowboard hills, snowshoeing spots – all of it free or low-cost. 

Our children have found a community of friends at a very unique school called Caraway, where we’re also quite involved as parent facilitators. It’s a self-managed, democratic school as well, which is an interesting overlap with the work we contribute to through Greaterthan. It’s fascinating to participate in a school run in this more inclusive, emergent, participatory way, and to see how self-management and distributed leadership works in multi-generational settings.

With the children now in school during the day, Heather has been a bit of a jack-of-all-trades (she is, after all, a perennial multipotentialite): exploring somatic healing and rediscovering her artistic practice on the one hand, filling-in the children’s learning gaps with a little bit of homeschooling and delicious bread baking on the other. And on the edges of all that, Heather also manages to find time to nerd out with Stefan on the theory and practice of group process, sociology, science, etc. while helping to build out Working Together and Greaterthan’s overarching digital presence.

Stefan has transitioned all his consulting to collaborative networks where he can more easily team up with peers to deliver longer-term org transformation projects. To this end, Stefan is now a partner at Greaterthan where he’s been working on larger, longer-term client projects through GT, as well as a number of internal initiatives, and co-facilitating Liberating Structures Studio with Susan Basterfield. Stefan also supports BASE Associates on some projects, has been collaborating with Tomomi Sasaki and Andrea Darabos on a/sync, and also collaborates with folks in Permaculture Colab from time to time. He looks forward to deepening relationships and projects with others working at the front line of the polycrisis and all the transitions and transformations this entails.

Working Together is now where we focus our energy on packaging all the research and practise that we’ve been doing for the past 20+ years into digestible learning resources. Applied microsociology, complexity theory, group process, emergence, the overarching mystery of things… you know, all that. 😉 In a nutshell: Working Together Consulting is dead, long live Working Together.

(January 2023)