We’re presently exploring Europe until the end of October, and are just wrapping-up participation in Greaterthan‘s Global Gathering (with another week to go of being together here with peers). In case you didn’t know, Greaterthan is the vehicle for all of our consulting, coaching and facilitating work these days.

In many respects, we are Working Together with Greaterthan 😉 Exploring, developing and delivering practices, products, experiences, etc. with peers from around the world – and of course always learning by doing! – we learn and develop so much within this commons, and so we contribute 15% from our livelihood practices through GT so as to enable us to collectively fund initiatives we deem to be vital to our efforts (like our new show The How, for instance).

Heather continues to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades (she is, after all, a perennial multipotentialite): rediscovering and dot-connecting her artistic practice on the one hand, and designing and editing digital content on the other. And on the edges of all that, Heather also manages to find time to nerd out with Stefan on the theory and practice of group process, sociology, complexity science, media and communications, economics, etc. With some fellow participants from our microsociology monthly meetup, we’ve particularly enjoyed the work of Cynthia Kurtz, first doing a deep dive into her book Confluence, and now Stefan has also taken her practicum on Participatory Narrative Inquiry.

Stefan has transitioned all his consulting to collaborative networks where he can more easily team up with peers to deliver longer-term org transformation projects. To this end, Stefan is now a partner at Greaterthan where he’s been working on larger, longer-term client projects through GT, co-facilitating Liberating Structures Studio from time to time, and developing and delivering numerous other products, practices and experiences for individuals and groups. Stefan also supports BASE Associates on some projects, has been collaborating with Tomomi Sasaki and Andrea Darabos on a/sync, and is collaborating with folks in Permaculture Colab from time to time. He looks forward to deepening relationships with others working at the frontline of the polycrisis and all the transitions and transformations this entails through Anyone Can Facilitate – a short self-led course he hopes will help these particular folks assemble.

Working Together (formerly a podcast, then a consulting outfit), is now primarily a workshop and studio space, where we focus our energy on packaging all the research and practise that we’ve been doing for the past 20+ years into resources for our fellow participatory leaders out there. Applied microsociology, complexity theory, group process, emergence, the overarching mystery of things… you know, all that. 😉

(October 2023)